June 3, 2010

KYC: A must for every Product Manager

"Engineers from IIT for a robust website, few lacs; Designer from NID for intuitive UI, few more lacs; Sales team from IIM for efficient practices, some more lacs; Realising your Customers does not have an access to Internet, PRICELESS. There are very few things that B'school teaches you, for everything else Meet Your Customer"

Wrote this a while back as my FB status message. Some of my client meetings have left an everlasting impact on me and this was one of it. Imagine meeting your client, or I should say 'paid client' who doesn't even have access to the internet. Thanks to our offline solutions and excellent sales team, we are able to cater to so many such clients.

Sometimes when we design products (though I like calling it solution) we misjudge the 'average user'. We assume them at par or sometimes slightly below us or the people we meet daily. But it is only when you actually meet the end user, you will be able to bridge the gap between your understanding of their net behavior and their actual net behavior.

Another one that is on top of my mind is one of our user complaining of not being able to access our recruitment solutions.

Our support team was telling him to:
-> Go to our website -> click on the employer login link -> enter your account details

What actually he was doing:
-> Go to Google -> Search for our website name -> click on the SEM link -> Land on the registration page - > Click on the Candidate's login link available on the page -> enter account details

Imagine :)

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