June 20, 2010

Internet Entrepreneurship Workshop (19th June, 2010)

Another weekend, and another interesting gathering to discuss a new topic on the Internet.  I am not sure if “workshop” was the right word for it but organizers made sure that the sessions were very interactive.

It was called "Internet Entrepreneurship Workshop” and was organized by “Peer Power” in association with “Wirefoot”.

Again, I knew that am not planning to turn into an entrepreneur in a near future but I always wanted to know what it takes to be one.  And imagine I paid to attend to this one. But thanks to Akhil who offered me some discount :)
As per the organizers “The workshop was aimed at giving a crash course on how to build a successful internet system for your organizational/business needs.”

And the Panel of speakers included:
R. Sundar, CEO, Times Business Solutions Ltd.
Topic: Key Note

Ankur Dinesh Garg, CMD, Wirefoot India Technology Ltd.
Topic: Billion Dollar Idea

Alok Mittal, Managing Director, Canaan India
Topic: Fundas of Funding

Manish Vij, Co-founder, Quasar, Tyroo and Zoomtra
Topic: Startup Marketing 

Pawan Gadia, Vice President, Ferns 'N' Petals
Topic: Building Brick by Brick
Manish Pathak,  Co-Founder, Papam
Topic: Brand Building

Sumit Goyal, Promoter, PlanForMe
Topic: Real Life Startup Story

Jatin Mahindra, Founder, InternetMafia
Topic: You are the Man! How the power of you can make it all happen

I must acknowledge that the organizers made sure that the participants get an exposure to almost all the elements required for being an internet entrepreneur. Here are a few things they can probably add in the next workshops:
-    Legal Considerations for starting a new business
-    What financial documents need to be prepared
-    How can open source  technology help

Overall an enriched experience, just one thing I would like to add/suggest. One of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur is not only to learn from mistakes but to accept them as well.
If they wouldn’t have mentioned that the spelling mistake on the backdrop was deliberate, some of us wouldn’t have even noticed. Because if it was done intentionally then it should have been done on all the branding material. I think it was only after Satrajit tweeted it, that they noticed :)

Anyways, such things always happen, and we were not there to gaze at the backdrop.
Great work done guys.

The event was also live tweeted by Readit India, and can be followed by #peerpower.

I will add my details on what speakers said soon :)

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Nice to c an article mentioning about one of the endeavors Wirefoot made..:)