June 15, 2007

Best Website for Search

Which is the best web search engine...... Google or Yahoo or ...... ?

I did a small experiment to find out that which is the best search engine and who could tell us better than these sites themselves. So I took votes from Google, MSN (live), Yahoo, Altavista, Ask and Lycos. You must be thinking, what waste of time, everyone one will say that I am the best but the results were surprising.

To take the votes, I asked each of them by typing the word “search” in their keyword boxes. And the first result they that they throw will be the best site that can be associated by this word (as per them) or their recommendation.

And the results were:

Site --------- Recommendation
Google ------ search.live.com
Live (MSN) --- search.com
Yahoo -------- search.yahoo.com
Altavista------ search.yahoo.com
Ask ----------- ask.com
Lycos --------- ask.com

So there is a tie between Yahoo & Ask.

I don’t say that these two are the best sites for searching web, others sincerely need to work on their own search engine optimisation :)


Anonymous said...

hahaha....this is funny !!! poor google !!!
but on a serious note, this result is surprising.....what do you think cud be the reason for this ??? or maybe, google is honest enough to present the results basis the usage etc or whatever parameters are being used in its search algo... others cud have used a hard-code so that any such results will always mention their name on the top...irrespective of the actuals...
wht say ???

Zoobie Singh said...

Just tried your experiment on Google. Typing "search" puts Google at no 8. (Wondering how their own system failed them!!)
And, typing "internet search" doesn't throw up any link to Google on the first page!!

Well, good research

Satyajeet said...

Thanks Zoobie...
It seems they need to work on their own Search Engine Optimisation...