September 28, 2011

Seventh deadly sin of Firefox..

2011 seems to be like an year for sevens and eights.

WP7, Windows8 and F8, have kept the bloggers busy so far, now its time for Firefox to add some buzz.

The latest version of Firefox is here. V7.0 is said to reduce the memory utilisation upto 50%  thus making web browsing experience faster.

One of the major complain, the "startup speed" has also been addressed and Mozilla claims that tabs, menus and buttons on websites will also respond much faster.  

It also claims that "Heavy Internet users will enjoy enhanced performance when lots of tabs are open and during long Web browsing sessions that last hours or even days."

If you notice, the browser's address bar in Firefox7.0 will not show "http://" in the webpage URLs, however in case of secured pages "https://" is displaced.

To help improve future versions of Firefox, users can opt in to Telemetry. Telemetry is a tool built on Mozilla Privacy Principles that allows users to provide anonymous browser performance data in a private and secure way that they control.

Here are some links that you might find handy
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