July 14, 2010

Who is the next big search engine?

Nope it doesn’t look like BING,

As per the latest comScore release of Search Engine Rankings in US, a whopping 16.4 billion 'core' searches were conducted on various websites, of which 62.6% were on Google. But there is nothing new in this.

If you would have noticed is the number of searches being conducted on Facebook has reached to 621 million a month. Although it is a small number if you compare it with the search giant but look at BING and  Facebook is almost one third of that. The number of searches in FB is equal to that of eBay and is ready to cross Craigslist.

The reason these number look exciting to me is unlike the other sites mentioned in the list here, ‘Search’ is not a primary function in Facebook.

It is obvious that the major portion of these searches will be ‘people search’ but it will be enthralling to know the split and the changes in trend.

Let’s see how the numbers grow and I look forward to see Twitter in the list soon.

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Purple PIRATE said...

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