January 13, 2009

The Real "Man" of the Match

On 15 Dec, 2008 India clinched a remarkable test match against England and the "Man of the Match", oh I am sorry, "Player of the Match" award was given to our very own “Maa da Laadla” Virender Sehwag. There were a few who were happy with the decision and some others who thought Sachin was the man behind the historic win.

But in all these controversies we did not notice the real man behind this victory. Who is none other than "Mr. Jammy", Rahul Dravid. No, no, not because of his quick-fire 4 (of 44 balls) in the first innings or the "dependable" fielding efforts, but because of the fact that he got out early (yet again) in the second inning and gave Sachin a minuscule chance to score at an achievable run rate.

Imagine if he would have stayed on the crease for another 20 overs, scoring at a lighting strike-rate of 21 runs every 100 balls faced, even 2 Sachins (at both ends) couldn’t have won it from there.

We need more player like him who first & foremost play for their country, then for their team and then, if possible, for personal milestones (This quote is sponsored by
Red Chillies Entertainment ). What a sacrifice, even at this stage of his career.

Long Live "The Wall".


Jasmine, Mumbai said...

Wow... you are so right about this.. I never really thought about it this way... but now that I do, its correct... Had Dravid stayed, we wouldnt have won the match !!! I must say you have an amazing sense of humor.. Keep it up & keep writing !

Amnol said...

i always had a blind trust on Mr. Dependable.. ;)
i completely agree wid u satya...